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Groove Ring Review by Powdersville Tactical Supply

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

My wife and I finally broke down a few years ago and tried the silicone ring craze. The ones we tried time after time would make our finger sweat and they were just very uncomfortable. I starting researching all the different companies that have started making their version of silicone rings and there are quite a lot out there stating that they are the best. After surfing the web, I came across the Groove Silicone Ring and read all the astounding reviews they received about their products. Being the owner of Powdersville Tactical Supply, I inquired about their affiliate program to get some insight into their company and the products they offer. I received an email from a wonderful lady about trying their product out and letting her know how my wife and I liked them. Well I can honestly say that my wife and I will never try another knock off, or any other manufacturer for that matter, again.

Groove Silicone Wedding Rings are so lightweight that you can barely tell that it's on your finger. There are grooves on the inside that let your skin breathe so it doesn't hold moisture. There offer many designs for men's silicone rings and women's silicone rings, so finding which one you like is the hardest part of the decision. Thanks to the great customer service from a wonderful representative, my wife and I are sold on the product, as well as the company. #groovelife #powdersvilletactical #bestringever


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